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Art by Peter Cameron
Art by Peter Cameron
Art by Tony Bishop
Art by Rachel Jones
Art by Colin Jack
Art by Norman Dawson
Art by Mark Thomas
Art by Freida Mckitrick
Art by Jane Adams
Art by Emma Sumner
Art by Nicholas Yue
Art by Gary Beech
Art by Patrick Clement Ferguson
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The Art Gallery
Peter Cameron
Peter Cameron Top
Peter Cameron entered prison as a drug smuggler, and left as a painter!
He discovered he had a talent for painting whilst taking art classes in prison and was soon painting copies of family photos for inmates in exchange for tobacco. His tutor in prison, Steve Best (cartoonist 'Bestie') spotted his potential and encouraged him to continue.
After his release, he was invited by a retired judge, to exhibit at the Mall Galleries in London. It was an opportunity that transformed his life, as it was there, after successfully selling four paintings; he started a career as an artist.
Peter continues to work from a shared studio in Liverpool. He has won many prestigious awards and his talent as a painter is widely recognised.
Tony Bishop
Tony Bishop Top
One of the North West’s leading contemporary artists. Tony has had five solo exhibitions this year and has been nominated as “St Helens Visual Artist of The Year.” 
His unique style is achieved by using "reclaimed" and "found" materials on wood, giving them an urban and contemporary feel. He says, "I believe art without soul and intense passion is mere wall decoration, my art is contemporary and abstract for modern minds!"
After all, Picasso said, " People admire and enjoy the sky, the sea, the birds singing, but when it comes to art they feel as though they must understand it instead of just simply enjoying it…..."
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones Top
Print Maker
Bird House Press is the creative platform of artist Rachel Jones. It consists of traditional forms of printing, merged with illustration and graphic design.
Rachel’s main form of artwork is silk-screen prints. All prints are designed and printed solely by Rachel. They are generally sold in small editions making them very special and quite unique.
Colin Jack
Colin Jack Top
Colin completes about 70-100 paintings a year and exhibits regularly in the North West of England, where he now lives. However, Fife remains his main inspiration and real home. As well as England and Scotland, his paintings are in personal collections abroad, including Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and the USA, most notably in the home of Michael Steele, ex bass player with the Bangles.
Norman Dawson
Norman Dawson Top
Painter & Digital Artist
Norman's paintings and prints come from his love of classic cars. He works from his own photographs and manipulates the images to produce unique digitally enhanced prints and paintings.
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Top
Calligraphy Artist
Author and calligrapher Mark Thomas produces a varied range of contemporary calligraphy designs which have been exhibited in a variety of galleries across the country.

Most recently, his work has been shown at the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery as part of a fund-raising auction.
Freida Mckitrick
Freida  Mckitrick Top
Liverpool based fine artist and printmaker Freida McKitrick’s work reflects the time-honored practice of taking common, ordinary images and objects and placing them in an artistic context, but with a little twist: She selects images or things that are or were at home in ordinary human life but have some extra significance, which is carried over into their artistic incarnation. Freida’s art is based on observations of life using a variety of subjects to record events, situations and ideas which have inspired her, or given cause for amusement.
Jane Adams
Jane Adams Top
Jane Adams, was born and raised in Liverpool and trained at Liverpool John Moores University.  As well as producing paintings and prints for a growing audience, she has developed strong links with local communities by providing ‘Art for All’ workshops and facilitating collaborative projects.

Jane's inspiration comes from her journeys through the city. It is the architecture, humble or grand, and its obvious connection to the past, which ignites her curiosity.
Emma Sumner
Emma Sumner Top
To put everything into something that you do takes a lot. To be what you do takes even more. Emma Sumner is her work. Emma takes her life and paints with it. Her work pursues two key concerns; to locate and explore a feminine space within contemporary abstract painting, and to inscribe within that space subjective/autobiographical references that speak of her life and experiences. 

The work combines paint, fabric, haberdashery and glitter amongst other materials to create work that projects from the picture surface. The work is filled with synthetic colour, florid floral patterns (courtesy of mass produced fabrics), and an excess of decorative items.
Nicholas Yue
Nicholas Yue Top
Digital Artist
Nicholas is currently a graphics student at Mancherster University.
He hand renders images and then digitally manipulates them to produce his prints of iconic musicians.
Gary Beech
Gary Beech Top
Gary take's the figure in the urban environment as his main subject.
His work has always been influenced by the human figure from early interest in comic and fashion drawing. He now use's everyday life to capture moods and experiences.
The paintings express the hustle and bustle and on a more personal level the loneliness, isolation and anonymity that we feel in life.The city has become a concrete muse a focus to inspire his paintings. Set amongst crowded places with anonymous people who pass by everyday.
Susan Stevens Top
She has exhibited across the UK in many prestigious shows as well as solo exhibitions, achieving commendations and prizes for landscape and still life paintings. Her works explore a recurring visual sense of isolation and offer a space the viewer can stamp their own sense of time and place.
The paintings have an immediacy which makes them attractive at first glance but beyond which is an emotional depth, rich in life, intensity and complexity. Images are carefully considered yet spontaneously painted in acrylic with a palette knife.
Patrick Clement Ferguson
Patrick Clement Ferguson Top
Patrick spent his childhood in Rainhill, where his father was a local doctor. He studied at Wallasey Art School and then Liverpool College of Art and Design in the 1960s, when graphic design exploded onto the music scene and in society generally.
He developed a keen interest in illustration and then photography, linking it with the Art Nouveau Movement and psychedelic images from the 1960s music posters.
His photographic compositions are concerned with colour and sometimes natural or man-made pattern. These elements are interpreted into his own style, often reflecting the mood and atmosphere of the occasion.
Patrick exhibits his work nationwide and has won many prestigious competitions.
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