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Cocktails 6.95


Baileys-Kahlua.-Hazelnut Liquor-Cream


Gin Fizz:

Gin-Lemon Juice-Soda Water-Sugar Syrup- Egg White



Whiskey OR Amaretto:

Lemon Juice-Sugar -Egg White-Angostura Bitters


Midori Sour 

Midori-Egg White -Lime Juice-Sugar syrup-Angostura Bitters


Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

Jack Daniels-Lime Juice -Maple Syrup-Egg White-Sugar Syrup-Cinnamon Syrup



Vodka-Triple Sec-Lime Juice-Cranberry Juice


Mai Tai: 

Dark Rum-White Rum-Lime Juice- Amaretto


Tequila Sunrise:

 Tequila-Triple Sec-Lime Juice-Orange Juice-Grenadine

Sex On The Beach: 

Vodka-Peach Schnapps-Cranberry Juice -Orange Juice


Mojito (Strawberry or Raspberry): 

Lime Juice-Mint Leaves-White Rum-.

Strawberry or Raspberry Liquor

Margaritas(Lime, Strawberry or Raspberry:)1

 Tequila-Triple Sec-Flavoured Liquors

Coladas: (Strawberry, Raspberry or Pineapple): 

White Rum-Malibu-Coconut Milk-Flavoured Liquors



Peach, Raspberry or Strawberry

Prosecco-Flavoured Liquores


Tom Collins:

Gin-Lemon Juice-Sugar Syrup-Soda Water


Daiquiri: (Frozen)

Bubble Gum, Strawberry or Raspberry White Rum-Lime Juice-Flavoured Liquors


Old Fashioned:

Bourbon Whiskey-Scotch Whiskey-Lemon Juice, Sugar-Egg White-Angostura Bitters


Brandy Alexander:

Tia Maria-Baileys-Brandy-Cream


Espresso Martini:



French Martini:

Pineapple Juice-Chambord-Vodka


Vodka Martini:

Vodka-Dry Martini-Lime Juice- Sugar Syrup


Gin Martini:

Gin-Dry Martini-Lime Juice-Sugar Syrup


Salted Caramel Martini:

Vodka-Malibu-Caramel Liquor-Cream


Aperol Spritz:

Aperol-Prosecco-Soda Water



Bacardi-Tia Maria-Banana Liquor-Cream- Fresh Banana-Coconut Milk


Ocean Breeze:

Malibu-Blue Curacao-Lemonade


Bloody Mary:

Vodka-Tomato juice-Lemon Juice-Tobacco Salt-Pepper-Worcester Sauce


Cuba Libre:

Rum-Lemon Juice-Coca Cola

Premium Cocktails 8.95


Long Island Ice Tea:

Vodka,-Bacardi-Gin-Tequila-Coca Cola


Pornstar Martini:

Pineapple Juice-Sugar Syrup-Passoa- Vanilla Vodka

Plus A Shot Of Prosecco On The Side!


Lady In Red:

Vodka-Triple Sec-Dry Martini-Pineapple Juice-Orange Juice-Grenadine


501’s Holy Water:

Vodka-Rum-Peach Schnapps-Lemonade- Pineapple Juice


Green Destiny:

Jack Daniels-Triple Sec-Orange Juice-Blue Curacao


If we don’t have your favourite cocktail, we’ll certainly try and make it up for you!

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